Extraordinary beautiful, emotional and well crafted. That’s how the music of Hanna Enlöf and Ylva Eriksson is described. They call themselves musical twins, which shines through the inter weaved harmonies and phenomenal interaction on stage.

Their journey together has had an impressive start and along the way they’ve garnered a vast and devoted fanbase. It seems almost unlikely that it hasn’t been more than two years since they randomly ended up on a stage together and found their musical home in Good Harvest. In 2014 they released their EP Bottom Dollar.

To best describe their music, imagine a mix of how Simon & Garfunkel play together, add the harmonies of Nick Drake and finish of with the strong approach and narrative style of Gillian Welch – and you get a great amount of musical warmth and a big craving for more.

Not only have they held concerts for the King of Sweden, they’ve also appeared live on Sweden’s main national radio station several times and toured all over Sweden. Among the many great things that has happened since this astonishing duo started out, they’ve been awarded with the title ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at Dalecarlia Music Awards, given a songwriting scholarship at Live at Heart and played at huge venues such as the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX and Stockholm Music & Arts 2015.

Safe to say, a lot of people are looking forward to their debut album with great expectations – and it’ll leave no one disappointed when it comes out in a near future.